Products & Services

Products & Services

  1. Migration Platform

    Tjat Migration platform allows:

      • Back up the contact lists from multiple devices to one place
      • Get rid of annoying duplications and merge all contacts into one list
      • Restore the contact list to different devices
      • Backup, restore and migrate pictures and music

  2. Unified Communication List

    Tjat 360 Identity management system allows:

      • De-Duping and Merging of all Contact Lists
      • Cross Ecosystem Identify & Content Migration
      • Secure Cloud Identity & Content Management

  3. CRM

    Tjat Enterprise Identity Management allows:

    A single, enterprise-wide customer record

      • Always up-to-date
      • Available via the cloud to all authorized users
      • Reconciled from all available databases & lists
      • Incorporating email and social media contacts
      • Comprehensive customer history & information
      • Generates key business information and analytics